2012 Appliance Trends:  Bathrooms

2012 Appliance Trends: Bathrooms

When you listen to the word”appliances,” you probably consider the kitchen, not the bath. More importantly, however, non-traditional and traditional appliances are entering this space, particularly in the master suite.

Read on to see how fresh appliances will be very likely to include efficiency, convenience and luxury into more bathrooms remodels this past year. Ferguson, a major high-end appliance, fixtures and lighting retailer, was a helpful resource in producing this ideabook, sharing their national predictions for 2012. Other resources include Dean Larkin, AIA, a leading Southern California architect, and David Van Wert, a Los Angeles-based house technology adviser.

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Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

Not surprisingly, this handsome bathroom was rated one of Houzz users’ favorites. Unseen from the glossy images are the ventilation system. Without an effective vent fan, the comfort and safety of your space will evaporate into a musty wreck. According to Ferguson, some vent fan tendencies for 2012 include:

LED light that casts a gentle glow for night or spa bathing
• Increased use of humidity detectors that turn it on and off as needed
• Increased use of hidden fans that seem like light fixtures and function very quietly

Archipelago Hawaii Luxury Home Designs

1 bathroom trend shared with me by architect Dean Larkin is the addition of a washer and dryer from the master suite.

This functions as a travel centre for homeowners who travel often need a fast, convenient turnaround between flights. Laundry comes out of the suitcase and goes into the washer and drier.

Today’s laundry appliances also feature steam settings to remove wrinkles prior to the next trip.

Televisions from the toilet will continue to grow in popularity. They will be recessed into or hung on walls, and integrated into medicine cabinets, counter altitude systems and vanity mirrors.

Designers and producers will look for even newer ways to incorporate them into bathrooms in 2012 as consumer demand continues to rise.

Diana Dyer Diana M Dyer Design Services LLC

New showering systems ensure that each user gets the shower encounter he or she desires with personalized presets.

As these growth in popularity, they will grow more affordable. That is good news for homeowners looking for a spa-like encounter without a spa pricetag.


Regio Integrated Toilet – $5,900

The integrated toilet is more like an appliance than a fixture at many respects, such as a heated chair, music player, enhanced hygiene features and lighting. As they become more and more popular, more or less every single toilet manufacturer is offering one, and new imports are showing up at trade events.

The fantastic thing is that with all of this increased competition, the prices will start to come down shortly. The bad news is, similar to this using luxury, we may never leave our toilets!

MN Builders

Tankless water heaters, that ensure hot water over longer stretches of time compared to ordinary water heaters, will increase in popularity in 2012 in tandem with several other Important tendencies:

• An increase in multi-generational households means more showers and bathrooms taking place at the house
• An increase in the prevalence of steam showers
• An increase in popularity of luxury spa showers and showers as part of bath remodels


TRUFIG iPad Mount (CM-2000)

Tablets were among the best-selling electronics in 2011 and continue to find their place in our houses. You may not consider them a toilet appliance, however they will increasingly be used like that.

Home technologies adviser David Van Wert notes that pills are increasingly tied into home automation systems, offering advice, climate, entertainment and safety features. He and his coworkers are increasingly integrating tablets into toilet designs and remodels.


Jacuzzi Towel Warming Drawer

Towel warmers have long been popular bath appliances. Some designers began putting kitchen heating drawers in the bath for the exact same function using a more hidden appearance.

Jacuzzi captured onto this off-label usage and came out having a committed towel warming drawer at a pre-set temperature. I predict we’ll be seeing much more of those innovative warmers in luxury baths this past year.


Jacuzzi Home Spa Radiant Floor Warming System

Radiant floor heat is already popular in cold climates and is replacing space heaters as a climate-control appliance in bathrooms around the nation.

It’s energy efficient, safer than space heaters and unseen except for a discreet control panel. Future apps will probably allow you to control it from the smartphone or tablet so you’ll never need to step onto a cold tile flooring in the morning!

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