5 Electrical Safety Tips That Every Homeowner Should Know

5 Electrical Safety Tips That Every Homeowner Should Know

These days, almost everyone takes electrical gadgets and appliances for granted, including dishwashers, entertainment centers, and microwaves to name a few. And yet, it seems like almost every homeowner out there is not entirely sure about a home’s electrical system capacity and its safety features. In this article, we are going to cover a few critical home electrical system know-hows that every homeowner should know.

Electrical Safety Inspection

If your home is a bit old, then perhaps it’s time to celebrate its achievement. The best way to celebrate this is by doing an electrician Flagstaff safety inspection. Aside from the fact that the electrical safety inspection is a great way of keeping everyone in your home safe, it’s also a way of knowing if your home’s electrical system can handle the current load. In most cases, the electrical systems in older homes are not designed to handle the average family’s Flagstaff electrician consumption.

Get Acquainted With The Electrical Panel

There are certain Flagstaff electrical panels installed in many homes that are now considered as dangerous. First off, you need to locate your electrical panel. Then, check the brand. If it’s GTE/Sylvania, Zinsco, ITE Pushmatic or Federal Pushmatic, then you might have to call a home electrical professional to ensure that the electric panel does not pose a threat to your home. Most of the electrical panels from the mentioned brands are discontinued because they posed too much of a fire hazard.

Circuit Breakers Are Your Friend

Most homeowners get annoyed if the circuit breakers are tripped. This is because when the circuit breakers trip, there’s no electricity. Keep in mind that circuit breakers are your friends. If circuit breakers regularly trip, then it’s telling you that too many appliances or gadgets are connecting to one circuit. You may have to call an electrician to help you reconfigure the electrical system in your home.

Have A Fire Extinguisher Ready At All Times

One of the main dangers caused by electrician Flagstaff system failure or overload is fire. In the first sight of fire, most homeowners tend to think of water to put out the fire. This is not something that you should do as water conducts electricity. This is why you should always have a fire-retardant chemical fire extinguisher ready. It’s the safest way to put out a fire caused by electrical system failures or overload.

Feel The Outlets

It’s best that you touch and feel every outlet in your home from time to time. If an outlet is hot, then this could be a sign of a bigger problem. Warm outlets could mean several things like the wiring is loose, isn’t up to code, is melting, or the electrical load is too high.

While you are at it, you should replace the outlets with the newer three-pronged outlets as they have a ground Fresno safety feature. Also, remove any water that’s near the outlet.