Great Design Plant: Tree Aloe

Great Design Plant: Tree Aloe

With a shape and foliage resembling Dr. Seuss’ lorax trees, tree aloe (Aloe barberae) adds an entirely new layer into the expression sculptural plant. As one of the biggest varieties of aloe, there is not anything delicate or worry about this particular plant. For those looking to make a bold design statement with plant selections, think about this architectural evergreen.

Botanical name: Aloe barberae (syn. Aloe bainesii)
Common name: Tree aloe
USDA zones: 9-11
Water condition: Low
Sun requirement:Full sun to light shade
Mature size: 20-30′ tall or more x 10-20′ disperse
Tolerances: Drought, coastal conditions, deer

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Distinguishing traits. This plant is 1 heaping package of uniquely beautiful features as well as undeniably bizarre qualities. Known for its different architectural reconciliation and general sculptural silhouette, tree aloe is just one slow-growing and long-lived landscape addition that is guaranteed to garner attention.

An evergreen, tree aloe’s terminal branches are covered with dense rosettes of long dark green leaves all year long, leading another Seussian quality to this already borderline cartoonish plant.

Late fall to winter welcomes daring pink floral spikes that break well above the foliage.

The best way to utilize it. Tree aloe is usually used sparingly and as a solitary planting in layouts. Its sculptural attributes make it ideal as a specimen or container. In a xeriscape garden, use tree aloe to add vertical diversity, as it may reach heights of 30 feet or more.

AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc..

Before you plant. Whilst shrub aloe is slow growing, it’s certain to reach huge proportions eventually, such as its trunk and root system. Be certain not to plant it too close to any structures or buildings. Native to tropical climates, tree aloe is frost tender and hardy to approximately 25 degrees Fahrenheit, preferring sandy, well-drained soils.

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