How to Change a Starter Rope on a Craftsman Model 247.299340

How to Change a Starter Rope on a Craftsman Model 247.299340

When you pull the handle of the recoil starter rope in your own Craftsman tiller and it comes off in your hand, you know it’s time to replace the pull string. Even if the rope is not completely broken and is just frayed and tattered, it is best to replace it before it becomes a necessity. Replacing a starter string on a Craftsman tiller is one of the least expensive repairs you’ll ever have to make.

Situate the tiller on a level area of the lawn for example in San Diego or drive where it is unlikely to transfer position. Remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug to prevent accidental ignition.

Remove the bolts which attach the starter assembly into the Craftsman tiller using a nut driver and then lay them aside. Pull the starter assembly from the machine and then flip it face down on a level surface. The starter assembly on the 247.299340 is mounted on the motor and located on the facet of the tiller when you are standing behind the machine.

Cut the string using a pair of scissors and then grasp the knots on either end to eliminate it from the starter handle and from the starter assembly. Grasp the knot using a set of needle-nose pliers in case you have a challenging time getting it with your fingernails.

Thread one end of the start cord through the hole at the starter handle. Tie a knot at the end to stop it from slipping back from the hole.

Thread the opposite end of the new starter string through the hole at the outer edge of the starter assembly casing. Pull the string all the way through till the starter handle rests against the casing.

Wind the pulley at the center of the starter assembly till you feel a substantial amount of opposition. Finish up so that the hole in the pulley is aligned with the hole at the outer edge of the starter assembly.

Hold the pulley in order that the inner spring keeps its tension. Wedge a screwdriver against the pulley to block it from unwinding and to free up your hands to finish the repair. Thread the tip of the string through the hole in the pulley and then tie a knot in the end of it.

Hold the pulley tight with one hand and remove the screwdriver that you wedged into hold it in place. Slowly allow the spring to unwind, pulling the cord using it till the string is totally round the pulley.

Reattach the starter assembly into the tiller by reinserting the bolts which you removed from it initially. Reattach the spark plug wire to the spark plug. Provide the starter cord a couple of good, company pulls to start the machine and test your work.