How to Grow Majesty Palm Trees Under Artificial Light

How to Grow Majesty Palm Trees Under Artificial Light

The majesty palm (Ravenea rivularis) is commonly developed as a ground houseplant, readily reaching 10 feet tall over the course of several years. It’s long, feathery green foliage and prefers moist soils, and is indigenous on the banks of the Madagascar rivers. The majesty palm prefers bright light; when grown indoors using an artificial source is an easy way to supplement lighting. Fluorescent lights are advised, because they expel less heat compared to other options, leading to a more even soil temperature. Fluorescent lights also have better color-rendering properties, and the plant uses more of the light that’s emitted.

Establish the majesty palm in a place 5 to 8 feet from an east-facing window. This enables the plant to receive some natural lighting in the morning.

Fill a shallow tray with pea stone, and set the tray underneath the container where the majesty palm is planted. Pour tap water into the tray, stopping just under the brim.

Place a fluorescent grow light above the palm, leaving no more than 12 inches between the surface of the palm and the lift light.

Decide on a light timer so that the grow light remains on 14 hours per day and switches the light on and off at exactly the same time each day.

Mist the palms foliage each day, using a water spray bottle. Water the soil regularly, keeping it moist in any way times.

Fertilize the palm once a month with a balanced all-purpose fertilizer such as 10-10-10 from March to October.

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