How to Install Copper Pipe Insulation

How to Install Copper Pipe Insulation

Heat is lost by the pipes while aluminum pipe has exceptional thermal conductivity, competent to hold and keep the heat from hot water pipes and should be insulated. Moreover, the U.S. Department of Energy states that insulated hot water pipes can increase the temperature of your water by as much as 4 degrees, helping you to lower your hot water tank temperature to conserve energy. Insulate your aluminum pipes with a prefabricated insulation material. This tube wrap is slitted on one side and comes with a self-sealing adhesive seam that corrects the slits.

The pipe insulation size you will need for your pipes. Wrap the measuring tape around among those aluminum pipes and measure the circumference. Water supply aluminum pipes are 3/4 inches in diameter. Buy the correct neoprene insulation for your pipe dimensions.

Assess the length of the pipe area to insulate. Cut on the insulation with a sharp blade and a utility knife to avoid edges.

Open the insulation wrap’s slitted end and then slide it. Compress the insulation around the pipe together with your hands to ensure a tight match.

Remove the adhesive tape strip and press to seal the two slits.

Add insulation wrap’s next section. The seam between both insulation wraps with duct tape. Press the tape firmly to ensure a tight seal. Continue adding additional pieces of insulation wrap.

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