How to Put a Mower Belt on a Kubota Lawn Mower

How to Put a Mower Belt on a Kubota Lawn Mower

When the belt on your Kubota mower wears out, the only remedy to get the machine up and running would be to replace it. Kubota recommends using one of their belts as opposed to different brands to ensure a tight fit and shirt, long-lasting performance. Replacing the worn belt with a new one needs that you remove the deck from underneath the mower, then pull on the belt off and install a brand new one around the pulleys in the appropriate configuration.

Park the mower on a flat surface, set the parking brake and remove the key from the ignition. Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug in to ensure that there is no way to start the mower during the mend.

Adjust the mower into the lowest possible place. Remove the four pins and washers which link the elevator linkage into the deck. Lay these parts aside for reinstallation. Slide the mower deck out from under the mower. As it is on wheels, then it will simply roll out when you push or pull on it. The belt is located on the mower deck.

Remove the screws which hold the belt guards in place and pull on the belt guards from the mower deck. Remove the screws which hold belt keeper bar in place and set the bar and screws aside.

Loosen the idler pulley nuts to release the pressure on the pulleys and make it easier to remove the belt from the pulleys. Don’t get rid of the nuts and pulleys entirely. Observe the routing of the belt before removing the belt from the machine.

Install the new belt on the machine, routing it around the pulleys in the right manner. If you are not sure of this routing, consult your owner’s manual to get a routing diagram or examine the mower deck to get a routing detail diagram. Ensure that the belt is not twisted during setup.

Tighten the nuts which hold on the idler pulleys in place to raise the tension on the belt and hold the pulleys securely in place. Reinstall the bar keeper bar and the buckle guards. Slide the mower deck under the mower and reconnect the deck into the elevator linkage with the pins and seams which you removed earlier.

Fix the deck lift lever to the appropriate height for mowing. Reconnect the spark plug. Begin the mower and have a test run to ensure the mower belt is functioning properly.