Little Steps to Organizing Success

Little Steps to Organizing Success

Even though I’m not a teacher in the conventional sense, I love assigning customers homework — tasks I’m confident they can do without me present — during the organizing process. I do this for a couple reasons, but my primary purpose is to process as many things as I can with customers during a semester. Homework gives us a much better chance of smooth sailing without any distractions. Keep reading to find out what things you could set aside as homework the next time you’re organizing a space.

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Rooms and Closets

Organizing an whole room or closet could take more time than you bargained for. To break the project up, place aside tasks that can be handled as you’re watching TV or listening to audio.

Trying on clothing. It’s hard to maintain focus should you alternate between sorting piles by class and trying on clothing for size. Set aside clothes you need to try on and deal with it later, which could mean today or weekly.

Untangling bracelets and bracelets. That is best done using a needle under good lighting.

Testing out batteries. Despite the fact that you may think it will only require a moment, this action is a minefield of sudden distractions. You’re likely going to need time to hunt down your infrequently used battery charger to check amounts.

Pro tip: Maintain your to-do record close by so that you can jot down all of the items that will need attention in a later time.

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Disks, Cables and Paperwork

Leave the following tasks for when you’re in front of your computer: burning music CDs to iTunes and checking the content of unlabeled CDs. All these are simple background tasks as you’re browsing the net.

Perform triage on wires and cables if you want to feel instant gratification. In my book there is nothing as satisfying as untangling a tote full of wires and figuring out which cable belongs to that piece of equipment.

Scanning photos and paperwork is a separate project for a later moment. Include it and keep moving.

Pro tip:
Hold off on shredding individual files, since this chore goes best with prime-time TV.

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Sorting Discards

Fight the urge to post unwanted things on Craigslist and eBay when you come across them. Once you’re done coordinating for the afternoon, place them in a spot where they are out of the way and make a note to tackle this task later.

Pro trick: Wait to return things to their houses until after you’re finished coordinating. Returning individual items to various rooms can develop into a time consuming distraction.

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Organizing Recipes

You have been amassing magazine tear sheets of recipes for years — the only problem is, they are strewn all around the home. As you arrange, you’re bound to discover recipes and cooking magazines. Collect them as you go, but save coordinating and filing them for a rainy day.

Pro tip: Use a binder and very clear sheet protectors with tabs to maintain your custom collection searchable.

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Sorting Through Old Journals and Photos

however tempting it is to go down memory lane, set these aside and savor them slowly since reading material instead of devouring them because you locate them.

Pro tip: switch off the telephone as you’re organizing so you’re not distracted by texts, email and calls.

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Bottom line: When the organizing procedure daunts you, try assigning yourself homework so you’re ready to get more accomplished — that may just inspire you to complete.

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