Louver Doors Let Storage Breathe

Louver Doors Let Storage Breathe

True louver doors are an attractive doorway style that provides privacy and security while allowing for the free flow of air. Featuring angled horizontal slats, vented louvers admit light and air and are most often used for cabinets and laundry rooms, yet they certainly work beautifully elsewhere. In fact, louver doors are gaining popularity, and we’re finding them all over the house and even in custom cabinetry installations. While standard-size doors are offered at major home improvement stores, high quality louver doors also can be arranged via custom door fabricators. For a genuine custom made door you can even specify the angle and dimensions of the louvers.

Tara Bussema – Neat Organization and Design

A cupboard with double doors is such a luxury, particularly with custom-made louver doors.

Flagg Coastal Homes

This louver bathroom door was painted beautifully. Painting a louver door can be tricky. Avoid overapplying the paintas you hazard sealing the atmosphere between the louvers.

Terri Symington, ASID

Ordered from a custom made door fabricator, these louver cupboard doors have been painted in a satin finish to match the American Clay application on the walls.

Group 3

Featuring louver doors, flat-panel doorways and glass cupboard doors, this minimal Country kitchen proves that mixing and matching door designs can be a terrific way to go.

Fisher Group LLC

A louver door plus a flat five-panel door look stunning together in this basement space.

Group 3

A fixed transom window and stained pocket louver doors offer a graceful separation involving this kitchen and fantastic room.

Sennikoff Architects, Inc..

Louver doors are ideal for laundry rooms, where air exchange is favored.

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