My MTD Mower Turns Over Slow With a Jump Start

My MTD Mower Turns Over Slow With a Jump Start

After the battery dies on your MTD mower, it only makes sense that a jump start should get this up and running again. After the mower’s engine still starts sluggishly, in spite of a surge of power in a charger or other battery, it still indicates that there’s an underlying issue. To prevent future beginning issues, dig deeper to ascertain what’s causing the slow turnover on the MTD machine.

Battery Bugaboos

The first place to look when a jump start does not create the desired effect is the battery. It’s likely that the battery has reached the end of its life and may require replacement. Try charging the battery immediately using a charger and test it in the morning using a multimeter to determine whether it’s up to snuff. The reading must be 12 volts or higher. Check the fluid level in the battery to make certain it’s full to slightly below the split rings and charge it afterwards. Ensure that a newly installed battery is connected correctly to the positive and negative wires.

Starter Solutions

Another mower malfunction which can create a sluggish response, even once you’ve jump-started the machine, is really a bad starter. To execute a simple test about the starter, then you’ll need a pair of jumper wires. With the engine off and the key from the “Start” position, connect one of those black forks into the negative battery terminal and the other to the framework of the mower. Connect one of the red clamps to the positive battery terminal. Touch the other red clamp to the bolt which protrudes in the starter. If all is well with all the starter, then the mower will start. If not, replace the starter.

Dirty Dilemmas

Since mowers are continuously exposed to a variety of grit and dirt, it could be that your machine’s issue isn’t anything more than a buildup of dirt. Remove and check the air filter to determine whether it requires replacement. Try starting the mower using the air filter removed. If it begins without hesitation, replace the air filter with a clean one. After the engine does not receive enough atmosphere, it could be sluggish or refuse to begin entirely. The battery wires are another element to test for a buildup of grime. Disconnect the wires from the battery, then give them a good scrubbing with a wire brush and reattach them before attempting to jump-start the engine again.

Straightforward Solutions

Occasionally when the MTD mower is slow to begin, it may require simply a very simple solution. Check the fuel level to ensure that there’s enough gasoline from the machine. If the gasoline is old or perhaps contaminated, drain the gas in the tank and replace it with clean, fresh fuel. Try replacing the fuel filter; a contaminated one is going to produce the mower run sluggishly. Alternatively, check the spark plug. A spark plug that’s outlived its usefulness can result in a sluggish start. Pull the spark plug out, clean it off and reinstall it from the mower. Try jump-starting the mower again. Replace the spark plug if necessary.