See-Through Surfaces: A Canvas for Shadow and Light

See-Through Surfaces: A Canvas for Shadow and Light

The barrier between outside as well as inside is not clear or usually opaque, strong or null. Surfaces enable the epidermis of interior partitions, along with a structure, to lie somewhere between these posts. They give you a secret to outsiders, while maintaining dwellers solitude. What follows are samples of of surfaces, mostly walls, that inhabit this variant in between zone of light and shadow.

This home in Seattle, Dc by Pb Elemental characteristics walls of see-through polycarbonate that results “in plenty of natural light and a an inside wall that changes together with the climate,” according to the architects. The night-time view is fairly dramatic, though different from …

Stephenson Style Collective

… The day-time see, in which these partitions seem milky, nearly solid. When sunlight is outside the brilliant glow of twilight and nighttime is very uniform in look. Here the solitude advantages are certainly apparent. However, what is it like inside? View another picture.

These panels become a canvas for mild, in this instance coloured lights giving its distinguishing luminescence to the carton, helped here no question by Photoshop. The possibility is clear: effects are received by See-Through surfaces just as much as carry them. They enable light to go through to put it still another manner, but the picture halts on its area.

Fougeron Architecture FAIA

The 4 4 Home in Palo Alto, California, created by by Anne Fougeron, utilizes channel glass to reach translucency in one of the volumes. The device consists of bits of forged glass in a U-form which can be structural (meaning they are able to support themselves and cross comparatively large spaces for glass). Place side by side see-through walls are created by them having a pinstripe look.

Fougeron Architecture FAIA

The amount of of the 4 4 Home which uses the station glass is the stair linking its two degrees. The the amount is a slim job in strategy enveloped in the glass. Station glass is used by the aspect in the last picture, but the reverse aspect, revealed here, is distinct. Clear glass that is level provides peek within this space.

Fougeron Architecture FAIA

Another few perspectives of the 4 4 house-show the inside wall of station glass that sits in involving both runs of the stair. Now it really is obvious this volume is a layering of three planes of glass: interior station glass outdoor station glass, and outdoor glass that is clear.

Fougeron Architecture FAIA

This picture of 440 House reveals a station glass wall going further in the home to do double-duty. Along one aspect of the the bed room it visually links below the metal beam to the remaining house, also it delivers mild in from outside. Notice the see-through glass flooring that runs alongside the wall.

Nilus Styles

This job in San Fran designed by Nilus d-e Matran utilizes poly carbonate sheets to generate gentle mild that is filtered on top of the double-peak area. The panels dampen the mild in the space that is white.

Chang + Sylligardos Architects

Unlike the whiteness of the prior picture, here a see-through wall can be used to generate a canvas of colour. The orange in the adjoining wall properties upon the total-peak panels activated from the play of the lights up on it.

Schwartz and Architecture

This inside wall, which functions as a guardrail to get a stair, exemplifies how clearness recedes the further something is from your top. The zig-zag of the stair risers and treads is apparent; the hand-rail less s O; the individual less distinctive. What lies beyond is indistinguishable — only a haze of move that is angled.

Sam Crawford Architects

Here a wall that is see-through functions the intent behind concealing specific spaces next into a kitchen space. Understanding of the last picture ought to be taken into account here as well as in the event of comparable uses: A appear that was gentle and even may be dropped if issues are set too near to the see-through surface.


This picture recognizes that see-through surfaces do not need to be restricted to planes that are perpendicular. This roof to get meditation area and a little room is limited by see-through panels above wood members. It softens the mild from above, while in addition enabling the Tree Planting that is next to be felt.

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