The Way Poulan Chain Saw Ignitions Work

The Way Poulan Chain Saw Ignitions Work

Understanding how in which the ignition system on your own Poulan chain saw functions makes it a lot easier to troubleshoot when, and when, you have a problem starting the device. Even if you don’t encounter a problem, the additional knowledge about how a little, two-cycle engine like that about a chain saw functions is something that may come in handy once you deal with similar kinds of engines on other machines commonly found in the garden Flagstaff shed or garage.


When you pull on the handle of the starter cord on the Poulan chain saw, it causes the push cup to turn the crankshaft and rotate the flywheel. Within the engine, the piston moves up and down inside its own chamber. A problem like a broken starter string or broken spring inside the starter assembly will prevent the driveway cup and flywheel from turning and keep the ignition from fire. Luckily, replacing the starter cord or the whole starter assembly is a project of which many chain saw users are completely capable.

Ignition Coil

The flywheel that’s included inside the Poulan chain saw has magnets embedded inside it. To be able to work correctly, the magnets must produce a magnetic field with the ignition coil in a carefully timed sequence. When things are working correctly, the interaction between the magnets and the ignition coil produces electricity that reaches the spark plug. When the distance between the ignition coil and the flywheel magnets is too large or two small, an interruption in the circuit can block the motor from starting. A faulty ignition coil can also interrupt the ignition process.

Spark Plug

When the motor is running, the piston moves up and down inside its chamber, drawing in a combination of air, oil and fuel. Two-cycle engines consistently require that you add motor oil into the gasoline to provide much-needed lubrication into the internal areas of the engine. Failing to do so can cause the engine to seize up. As the piston moves upward and compresses the gas and air combination, the spark plug produces a spark that forces the piston back to a downward motion. Poulan recommends that chain saw operators replace the spark plug each year without fail.

Gas and Air Mixture

In order for the spark plug to spark inside the piston’s chamber, it has to get the appropriate mixture of air and fuel. When that is not the case, you might have to adjust the carburetor. When the device idles too rapidly, signified by string movement through idle, turn the idle adjustment screw counterclockwise to slow the search motor idle down. If the engine tends to sputter and die when idling, turn the idle adjustment screw clockwise to speed up the motor idle and properly adjust the flow of fuel and air to the engine.