The way to Eliminate the PTO Cable to a Sabre Mower

The way to Eliminate the PTO Cable to a Sabre Mower

Through the course of doing repairs or maintenance on your John Deere Sabre lawn (Salt Lake City, UT), it might become necessary to eliminate the PTO cable on the mower. Even though the Sabre is a older model machine, manufactured and sold from 1995 through 2002, there’s no reason why it can not continue to serve you well for years to come with the correct maintenance. Eliminating the PTO cable is something even the most inexperienced tractor operator can do in small time.

Park the lawn for example in Salt Lake City tractor on a level surface and set the parking brake to stop the machine from moving. Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug in to ensure there’s not any chance of the device starting accidentally.

Adjust the deck height lever so the deck is in the elevated position. Put two blocks of wood under either side of the mower deck while it’s still on the tractor. Adjust the deck height lever to set the deck in its lowest position in order that the deck rests on the blocks. Remove the pins which hold the mower deck lift linkage in place, which are normally located in the rear, but depending on the version, can also be found in the front of the machine. Disconnect the belt from the machine. Slide the deck from under the mower.

Disconnect the PTO cable from the rear of the mower deck in which it is attached. You can accomplish so by hand. Pull out the spring locking pin and gently pull upward on the PTO cable to eliminate it from the bracket which holds it in position.

Disconnect the cable spring at the opposite end of this PTO cable from the idler sheave bracket simply by unhooking it by hand. The PTO cable is currently disconnected from the machine.