The Way to Remodel Your Basement Bathroom

The Way to Remodel Your Basement Bathroom

If you think that your basement toilet is really a place, it not fostering your home market value. It’s time to do a little remodeling. Bathrooms at the basement are forgotten and neglected spaces, resulting in rooms that were outdated. Yet, there’s no reason for that, because remodeling doesn’t have to involve pricey construction projects — just a few updates may create a huge impact. The colours, textures and accessories can transform your bathroom from drab to fab on a shoestring budget.

Walls and Floors

Lighten your toilet up. Apply a paint colour in a satin or semi-gloss finish that will reflect light and brighten the space up. Light colours offer the visual illusion of a larger toilet. Creamy great wall colours are made by white, soft light grey and light yellow. If you have a low ceiling, then paint it one or two shades lighter than the wall color to make it appear taller. Install a linoleum flooring that is new to provide.


Take an honest look. Occasionally toilets and showers just require a cleaning to revive their shine and glow. One-piece bathtub inserts are a convenient solution for a damaged or outdated shower; they install over your existing shower surface to provide a fast remodeling update. Replace an old dressing table with an all-purpose piece which has a countertop, as well as storage underneath above. Table-style vanities with a spacious shelf for storage under occupy less visual space to make a bathroom look larger.


Basement bathrooms do not have the luxury of a window. If you are among those lucky ones with a window, then remove any window treatments that are heavy and replace them with a lightweight woven shade that is natural to add an feel. Wooden blinds or shutters are other attractive options while providing privacy at night to allow natural light flow inside during the day . Wall sconces, recessed ceiling lights, track lighting and pendant lights are attractive sources of artificial illumination.


Accessories are the perfect way to provide your basement toilet an instant face-lift. Get rid of old bathroom linens. Create a fresh feel by replacing them with fluffy towels and washcloths. Insert a fabric shower curtain, bath mat and white bathroom rugs to improve the relaxing setting. Modernize your taps, towel racks and cabinet hardware with coordinated brushed chrome or nickel replacements. A tray full of white candles and potted silk or natural greenery, a mirror finish your accessory remodel.

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