Top Interior Design Trends in 2018

Top Interior Design Trends in 2018

The interior of your home is where you spend most of your time, so it needs to be comfortable, welcoming and relaxing. That’s why Aurora exterior painting are opting for open spaces, clean finishes, earthy colors and lots of natural materials this year, including wood and leather.

Whether your home is small and cozy or you are fortunate enough to own large real estate, adopting the following trends, which Aurora painting are using this year, will achieve the same results.

The Earthy Feel

The trick here is to use the wooden color palette to complement timeless classics of blues and greys. You can start with simple adjustments like altering your linens to tan and soft cognac, to major ones, like installing wooden ceiling beams and balusters (if you have a staircase).

Also, you should throw out or sell your plastic kitchen table and chairs and purchase a solid wooden one instead. Whether it’s got the raw appearance or quality finish – wood is wood! If you have ugly looking steel cabinets which you’ve meant to discard for ages, do so and buy wooden ones. The same goes for benches or chairs and side tables. These can be purchased from many second-hand stores or antique dealers depending on your budget.

The Non-Structural

Making structural changes to your interior can be costly so if you can’t quite afford to go that far, many items inside your home can be changed to keep up with the latest trends. Certainly making a comeback, especially in the kitchen and Designer Bathroom Concepts Milwaukee, is the use of chrome. From taps to light fittings and door handles, go for this option if clean, smooth lines are what you are looking for.

You can even go so far as to fit chrome countertops and chrome chairs in the kitchen if the wood alternative is not to your liking. Furthermore, curved couches can add a softer flare to your living space, while keeping it simple yet stylish.

The Structural

If your budget allows, then you can go the whole hog. The most popular structures for Aurora painter this year are arches and curves. Think how curves in your doorways and windows would appeal to your eye. They also give the illusion of space.

Your fifth wall, being the ceiling, can also benefit from design uplifts because, believe it or not, the eye catches this space more often than you think. If wood is your choice then opt for exposed beams, and if not, then choose applied moldings that suit your style. Also, if you really want to create that feeling of space, remove the uppers from your kitchen. Provided that you have enough cabinet space, keep only those that are floor based, making them seem like furniture rather than cabinets.

There you have it! From simple changes to major ones, your design choices this year are endless. Now go out there and design a space that you can be proud to call your home.