What Colour Kitchen Cabinets Go With a Red Floor?

What Colour Kitchen Cabinets Go With a Red Floor?

If you inherited the red kitchen floor from the previous owner or installed yourself in a fit of exuberance, you will need to reside with the matching of flooring and cabinet colours. That is where your bold taste can shine. Tone it down or jazz it up, but do not be timid: The floor and the cabinets would be the dominant colors in the room, and you’ve got plenty of options to make them work with them.

South of the Border

The variegated terra-cotta flooring tile colors toward the redder clay, and white cabinets are somewhat insipid juxtaposed against all that texture and the earthy tones. Create a kitchen in which Frida Kahlo might have refried some beans from painting the cabinets a flat, rich teal. Stainless appliances suit those colours, but a cream, barn red or dark green enameled stove adds a hint of vintage to the Mexican palette. Mint or soft blue walls and butcher-block counters complete the transformation from cookie-cutter suburb into South of the border.

Sleek and Sophisticated

The wide plank flooring are red oak, as well as the gleaming wood warms the whole kitchen. Nickel-gray cabinets maintain the look urbane without putting a chill on the room. A paler gray — seagull or a wisp of smoke — covers the walls, and brushed stainless steel appliances are clean and modern. Take the edge off by emphasizing the homey nature of the reddish wood floors with a row of pendants above the marble-topped island, made from recycled antique tart tins.

The Orient Express

Each of the kitchen needs is a proscenium arch, and it might be a set on the West End or a hybrid Mid-Century recreation. A large red-and-white painted checkerboard or a big red-and white diamond pattern embodies each of the positive chi you could ask for in a kitchen. The easy white glass-front cabinets are changed from nondescript to Asian-style together with the addition of thin geometric molding, painted in high-gloss red enamel and glued to the glass. The walls framing the white cabinets are glowing emperor yellow and a red lacquer Chinese cabinet keeps pantry or cookware items neatly out of sight.

Dairy Bath

You’d have loved the 18th century, with a few modern comforts thrown in, naturally. So your kitchen is ancient Colonial or archaic, and the hardwood floors are painted a deep barn red. The cabinets need to be cream milk paint contrary to that stand-out floor color. Keep them smooth or follow the manufacturer’s directions to support the paint to chip as it dissolves, for an “authentic” distressed finish. Table and seats might be painted with black milk paint. The Colonists had a limited choice of colours, and they frequently painted hardwood furniture to protect it as well as to decorate it. If you paint the bead-board walls to match the cabinets, break up the expanse of lotion with colorful pastoral touches — a rack of drying herbs or an antique country farm sign.

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