Crystal: Brilliant Pick for Rooms

Crystal: Brilliant Pick for Rooms

Crystal is sexy in jewellery this year. Its elegant appearance is dressing up outfits via necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and now it’s time to imagine the identical glamour in your house. Chandeliers give an obvious means to bring crystal inside, but you can find other ways also. Whether little touches or elaborate software, get ready to shine with crystal this spring.

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Chandeliers come in a variety of layouts and emanate glamour and elegance. This living area takes on a totally new panache with the addition of 2 fantastic pieces.

Lucy Interior Design

But, crystal can create equal impact in smaller (and cheaper) doses when applied to the right spots. Dress up your cabinetry by replacing your hardware together with crystal choices. Mix and match with noncrystal bits to get an eclectic flair.

Milk and Honey Design

Work crystal into your bathroom via faucet handles. It’s a small touch but one that will catch everyone’s eye.

Siemasko + Verbridge

Top your staircase banisters with crystal finials. These crystal balls may not allow you to see into the future, but they surely let everyone see a complex accessory.

AM Dolce Vita

Crystal lamps offer beauty and function . Here they improve the atmosphere of understated sophistication without competing with visual distance.

Erdreich Architecture, P.C.

Celebrate the beauty of your crystal group by placing it on display. Work it in with your present dishware for an eclectic mix.


Who said an everyday towel rack can not have pizzazz? Detail it using crystal beads to get a chic look all its own.

Timothy De Clue Collection & Design

Pull crystal into your insides inexpensively with artificial crystal garlands, which many craft stores carry. Drape them in areas that could use a little additional glamour, such as the borders of a mirror or together your fireplace mantel.

Janice Peters, Distinctive Decor

Accessorize your bookshelves with beautiful pieces such as this amethyst crystal.

Gabriel TothFejel

Large crystal bits accessorize this tablescape in an elegant manner that’s every bit luxurious. Here is to hoping affordable versions of these significant crystal chunks will appear at a number of our favourite stores as the trend continues.

This incredible crystal application is certainly something I never had in mind when researching this topic. However, the statement-making effect can’t be beaten by you.

Dreamy Whites

If chandeliers are still more your personality, introduce an eclectic allure by hanging in a more casual area. Keep your pocketbook pleased by hunting down an antique one with a bit of patina at the local flea market or vintage shop.

Cathy Stathopoulos, CKD

A little crystal fixture in this kitchen engages on its classic, chic decorative.


To get a fixture both traditional and contemporary, start looking for crystal bits in unexpected layouts.

Burnham Design

For extra color, think about a chandelier or fixture using a rainbow of crystals. You may even dress your existing chandeliers by dangling crystals of different shades for an upgraded and one of a kind look.

Studio William Hefner

Amplify your beautiful crystal accessories or fixtures by putting them inside a mirror’s view. A shine will be produced by the sparkle .

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