Porch Life: 12 Ways to Beautify a Porch With Plants

Porch Life: 12 Ways to Beautify a Porch With Plants

We have been chatting about porches for months, but we’ve yet to speak about among the most crucial components on the porch so far: crops. From small pots to big urns, hanging plants into terrariums, foliage and blossoms are porch must-haves. Here is are 12 suggestions on how best to add beauty to a porch using plants and planters.

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Michelle Jacoby, Shifting Spaces

Ferns in urns. Classic urns provide potted plants added height and also an elegant presence. These structures of ferns with English ivy flowing at the base stand until the scale of their entryway.

Susan Duane

Hanging plants. All these are also a welcoming classic. Occasionally they are a slight annoyance to water, so when I’m feeling lazy I use these glass balls such as these that may help keep them watered for up to fourteen days.

Petunias are a classic flowering plant that looks great in a hanging pot.

Josh and Malissa McCulloch

Petunias in vivid pinks and purples add bold color to this porch.


Geraniums are just another classic porch plant that never goes out of fashion. Though frequently purchased as an annual, you can save them over winter with very little work.

Paul Moon Design

Insert height with topiaries. These tall topiaries adds a few curves and expand the presence of this entryway.

Marcus Gleysteen Architects

Use vase-shape shrubs or trees on either side of a doorway. This designer utilized limelight hydrangeas to flank the door, making a welcoming entry porch.

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Melaragno Design Company, LLC

Use a plant stand. This rustic twig stand is a great selection with this Craftsman porch. Plant stands are available in scads of shapes and sizes, and can enable you to vary the heights in a group of potted plants.

Jeanette Lunde

Insert some plants in front of the porch. These pink hydrangeas in galvanized steel buckets cheerfully punctuate this whitewashed covered entryway.

For more joyful plants, make sure to drill drainage holes in the base of buckets such as this, or use a bucket as a decorative holder to get a predrilled terra-cotta planter.

Debra Campbell Design

Use trellises for climbing plants. Climbing plants such as sweet potato vines, clematis, morning glories, honeysuckle, moonflowers, honeysuckle, climbing nasturtiums and Virginia creeper may be implanted either in the ground or in containers and trained to develop a trellis.

In the same way, climbers may be trained to develop porch columns. Some from the prior list will climb and adhere with themselves, others are going to want you to help them out with tacks or hooks.

Witt Construction

Expand the porch plant life to the fall. Once your summer bloomers have died out, head out into the nursery and include fall color with mums.

Use cut flowers. A vase filled with blooms is a fantastic way to add color to the porch.

Asher Associates Architects

Coordinate your planters with your design. All these rectilinear pots coordinate with the architectural details on this home.

Karen Gallagher Interiors

For those who have a more closed-in sunporch, try out a terrarium. Terrariums are back in fashion. See how to create one

TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

Go large with planters. Large planters include miles of curb appeal for this entry porch. The crops are canna and sweet potato vines.

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