Expert Talk: Split the Bedroom With Wallpaper

Expert Talk: Split the Bedroom With Wallpaper

Whether you would like to create an accent wall, a serene retreat, a modern girly room with a touch of rock and roll, or a custom space, there’s a bedroom wallpaper layout here that will please every member of your household.

Shirley Meisels

Repeat after me. Many boys love robots, and “I thought they had been such a great, simple perennial picture,” says Shirley Meisels of MHouse. “I loved the colours — grayed down and dull, yet they still add a splash of colour without being overwhelming. They were really simple to mix with the furnishings and textiles.”

Shirley Meisels

Think beforehand. This room can be by Meisels. She fell in love with this wallpaper the moment she saw it. “I purchased it before I had a space to utilize it knowing that one day it’d find a home,” she says. “I loved the retro graphic vibe, the feminine floral print and how it wasn’t pink.”

Allied ASID, Natalie Younger Interior Design

Catch center stage. Natalie Younger loves wallpaper. She found her ideal customer with this project: The whole house was motivated by graphic prints and bold colours.

“This newspaper has been installed as a feature wall and grounded the remaining portion of the area’s lighter tones with the addition of a little play,” she says. “I designed a custom velvet platform bed that has been kept low to the floor in order to allow the wall to take centre stage. The chandelier over the bed added into the mood, and the crystal knob details all of the furniture piled out that glitzy glamour feel.”

Valerie insides that are pasquiou + design, inc

Accent the positive. This bedroom is part of an open loft, therefore Valerie Pasquiou was looking to give it a small cozy feel and a few softness by bringing an “un-overwhelming accent wall to the area with a touch of femininity,” she says. “The general idea was to maintain a crisp and light, fresh feel to the space.”

The wallpaper is from Elli Popp in London.

Focus on texture. “When you have a very monochromatic bed and everything feels really calm and toned, you want something to be a focal point,” says Tineke Triggs of Artistic Designs for Living. “This wallpaper attracted depth and texture to the space.”

She adds, “There is also a painting in the area that is not visible in this picture. It’s black, purple and white inside, and the gray and the overall colour palette of the room was chosen to complement it.”

Tara Seawright Interior Design

Impress your visitors. Interior designer Tara Seawright utilizes wallpaper in lots of her endeavors. “I typically adhere to a more textured wallpaper and less specific designs, because you can get tired of a blueprint,” she says.

“I would not normally choose white and black and something this graphic to get a master bedroom,” she adds. “But I picked this layout because it was to get a guest room in a beach house, and in that setting, where you’re not likely to be seeing it all of the time, you may create a big impact and move outside yourself a little. We had been working on a budget and also got a great bang for our buck by using an inexpensive fabric for drapes and a very impressive wallpaper.”

Camilla Molders Design

Relax and take a deep breath. The short that Camilla Molders received for this project was simple: Create a retreat for her customer that was bright, light and innovative, with a feminine touch.

“The wallpaper catches the light and provides such a beautiful feel and atmosphere to the space,” she says. “The wallpaper along with the light fixture would be the character pieces in the room, therefore everything else had to be simple to maintain these in balance and to create a calm space. My client said that she exhales whenever she walks into the space.”

Buckingham Interiors + Design LLC

Embrace architectural information. “This wall covering is one of my all-time preferred applications, because it really highlights the organic components of a legitimate grass fabric,” says Julia Edelmann of Buckingham Interiors + Design. “It is Manila Hemp in Pewter by Phillip Jeffries, and I used it to create a soothing bedroom space, while also integrating the right mood for an aged and almost ‘pristine’ home.”

She adds, “While the house itself underwent a huge update to bring it back into its 19th-century roots, this wall covering added a true element that highlighted the raw seams that bring out the home’s true legacy. I really like the colour and the way it adopts the white architectural details which are a part of the house’s rich history.”

Michael Fullen Design Group

Construct a bridge between rooms. This bedroom was created to get a 12-year-old woman. “She loves ecology along with her stuffed animals,” says designer Michael Fullen. “We blended the wall covering, which is from Cole and Son, along with other components that reflect her interests.”

He adds, “The residence is contemporary, so the crisp white and black wall covering seemed right to bridge the kid’s desires with the modern decor of the rest of the home.”

Add some cozy to contemporary. Sean Cowan of Sean Michael Design used wallpaper to add a much more intimate and cozy feeling to this contemporary bedroom.

“The subtle pattern in the wood grain provides a bit of luxury without adding an actual pattern which may date ,” he says. “It becomes visually textural and warms up the dimensionless wall behind the headboard.”

Economy Interiors

Rock this look. “Our teenage customer requested a modern girly space with a touch of rock and roll,” says Jennifer Jones of Niche Interiors. “A metallic damask wallpaper paired with apple green, fuchsia and white and black stripes did the trick.”

Economy Interiors

Combine organic with real. To warm up a master bedroom in a modern loft, “this natural metallic wallpaper coordinated well with all the exposed concrete and additional much-needed pattern into the space,” Jones says.

Leclair Decor

Hit the slopes. Ottawa, Ontario, designer Sacha Leclair of Leclair Decor says, “We were motivated by our ski excursions to nearby Mont Tremblant and wanted to bring a modern lodge sense to our room. This daring wallpaper hit the mark perfectly. It has been almost two years since we have set this up wallpaper, and we still enjoy it as much today as the first time we walked into the living space.”

LUX Design

Reflect in your feminine side. Paula Velez of Lux Design wanted to create a soft and feminine space in this bedroom. “Bold wallpaper is toned down by a soothing monochromatic colour palette and gorgeous mirror and crystal accessories,” she says. “It creates a feminine space, while also helping to reflect light and create this little room seem spacious.”

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