Father's Day Extravaganza! 19 Glorious Man Spaces by ers

Father's Day Extravaganza! 19 Glorious Man Spaces by ers

To celebrate Father’s Day, we asked you to reveal your man spaces. We have dozens of responses, the majority of that made us want to plug into an electric guitar and rock out while ingesting a hoppy microbrew. Here are 19 of these spaces. (Seriously, the brewery setups you sent photos of are just mind-boggling. Don’t hesitate to use us as guinea pigs for almost any beer taste tests.)

There is not really 1 thing that defines a man distance. It’s the collection of hobby memorabilia or sportsit’s the quantity of sound and clutter involved. At other times a man cave is actually characterized by a loving and supporting spouse, girlfriend or significant other. And for that one, we men thank all partners.


“My man cave is only about 110 square feet, but it is a guitar lover’s oasis. I call it ‘The Guitarsenal!'” Dave Brinton says. “Room for 12 guitars to hang on the walls. All hangers are custom-made good cherry cubes that straddle three bricks for added strength, with bumpers behind each guitar to safeguard them.”

“The bamboo flooring does a great job of dampening the reflective character of bricks,” Brinton says. “A drum set, TV, stereo, various amps and music memorabilia round out the area. It’s fantastic to have an understanding spouse!”

The selection of documents exhibited in husband’s office works.

Cjdevine turned into this garage store into a music-focused man cave which Freddie Mercury would be pleased with.

By Realstone Systems: “Every spouse has a need for a man cave. Whether it be to see the sport, enjoy a stout or possess a jam session. Just don’t forget to invite the spouse occasionally; women like these things also!”

Here a rock wall doubles as soundproofing and trendy design accent.

Sometimes a small space where he could make some big noise is a man needs. Doug Schneller glorifies that with his music cave.

“Well, when it comes to man caves, my husband seems to have the musician/guitar room conquered!” States militarytvgirl. “I say that he has GAS (guitar acquisition syndrome).”

Photos of militarytvgirl’s husband with Neal Schon of Journey hang above his many amps. “He enjoys his man cave! I like my man!” She writes. “So I am happy he’s his stuff! Do you realize that I would have the ability to remodel the entire house if he offered all his guitars!!!!!!!!! .”

By summilux: “Not so much a man cave for a perch, this upstairs space is large and has plenty of window light compared to my small and dark woodshop. The sound system allows for background music and is of adequate quality to permit for listening as the primary activity.”

That is “my much-altered office desk, which has been with me for 35 years [and] has plenty of room for matting photos and artwork,” summilux says. “A scissors lift table provides additional work surface at sitting and standing height; [it] also serves at times as a side table for your small sofa.”

“The standing-height work place is my digital darkroom,” summilux continues. “That section of the room is where I’ve framed photos of the side of their family and a large magnet board for unframed photos.”

“The large framed Paris–Brest–Paris poster is a souvenir of doing that ride in 2007 and reflects the following lifelong attraction: bicycling,” summilux says. “There is also a partitioned place which serves as our bedroom. Otherwise, we would have probably had the biggest one-bedroom home within our neighborhood. Underneath the opacified French doors are my wife’s bathroom and a walk-in cupboard. So the upstairs, while not my area, serves very well as my cave.”

Sports and Hobbies

Football superfan Belinda Applegate proves that the stereotypes are not true. “Not only for men,” she says. “That is my cave”

This Realstone Systems man cave has hockey memorabilia, dark wood accents, a real rock fireplace and a pair of chocolate-colored recliners.

Daveuh’s man cave is where he exhibits his bobblehead, vintage toy and sports memorabilia collection. “Gont need additional bobble space soon,” he says.

There is a “vintage gas pump also. And a great place to store my not-used-enough Total Gym,” daveuh says.

Bibbster turned his distance into a hobby area “Men and cars … they simply go hand in hand,” he says. “My latest remodel of what was a pinball area is now home to my favorite hobby: slot car racing!”

“I couldn’t stop at only 1 track however,” bibbster continues. “With more than 150 cars, I needed to have more tracks! Is five too many?”

By Mooshlu: “My theater-room man, cave complete with 100-inch remote display, 7-foot Jaxx beanbag and video game racing seat! Weekends go by too quick in here.”


“We call it ‘The Ultimate Home Bar,'” Absolute Green Homes says of its individual space, which includes Captain Lawrence beers on tap, a 42-inch plasma TV and a personalized sign, all built with local antique, vintage and reclaimed timber.

A more feminine approach turns the man space notion on its head. “Fortunately I had a great deal of say in our man cave,” says Betsy Hall.

A basement renovation spurred this spectacular bar made from rock and reclaimed timber, too from Realstone Systems.

Walker Woodworking’s burled walnut bar shirt with a live border nails a rustic-meets-sophisticated vibe.

Home Breweries

Klanns turned his extra distance into a “design studio/nano brewery/mini malthouse/man cave,” he writes. We say cheers to that.

Kwallner also went the brewery route — and then some.

“My man cave features a brewery, a pub where I function the beer I create (eight beers on tap), a home theater and a sauna,” kwallner says.

“My man cave has developed its own brand,” says lob1putt. “This is an 800-square-foot room above my garage with a built-in Smokeeter, shuffleboard, soda gun and four beers on tap which come up from a first-floor keg room via Glycol lines.”

Lob1putt put a 70-inch TV at the primary area and 2 51-inch TVs above the bar.

There is also an HDTV above a full size urinal. (I am so proud of lob1putt, I could shout.)

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