Homemade LED Grow Lights Using Christmas Lights

Homemade LED Grow Lights Using Christmas Lights

Whether you have indoor plants that sit too much from windows to receive all of the sunlight they need to grow and prosper, or simply want to supply your plants with additional light during the dark winter months, you may produce your own LED grow light system from strands of Christmas lights. Once you understand the fundamentals, you can decide how best to use Christmas lights to help the development of your plants.

LED Principles

While you’re likely knowledgeable about incandescent and fluorescent lighting, both of which are in existence for decades, then you may not be comfortable with LED lights. LED stands for light-emitting diode and simply describes a system that combines electricity with semi-conductor devices to produce light. Unlike other forms of lighting, LED lights emit light only; the heat produced is absorbed into a heat sink. Although you can certainly use them to give your plants with additional lighting, do not rely upon them to increase the temperature or supply warmth to your own balcony.

Christmas Light Choices

When you think of Christmas lights, then you may picture the strands of radon, multi-colored lights that often adorn vacation trees and houses during the month of December. While they’re pretty to look at and add a festive touch, then they aren’t the best option for grow lights. Be certain that the lights glow solidly and do not flash. Select from lengths of lights that have as few as 25 bulbs per strand to more ones that contain as many as 150, based on the type of setup where you plan to use them. LED Luxor notes that research indicates plants absorb the most chlorophyll when subjected to red and blue lighting; blue lighting, says the Urban Organic Gardener, promotes bushy growth, while red lighting encourages blooming. You may wish to abide by white LEDs when it appears too complicated figuring out which wavelength is best for you.

Benefits of LED Grow Lights

Employing LED grow lights, even those made from Christmas lights, provide multiple advantages to the home gardener. First of all, LED lights provide a substantial cost savings to operate over other types of lighting. You can string as many into a grow light system as you want and know that you’re receiving value for money. LED lights also last longer, meaning as soon as you’ve create a grow light system, you wo not need to mess with frequently replacing bulbs.

Grow Light Setup

In regards to making a grow light system from Christmas lights, then your choices are limited only by your imagination. To create a protected spot for seedlings and little plants to develop, drill holes in the lid of a plastic storage container and then insert one lighting into each hole. If needed, glue the lights into position or drill the holes small enough that the lights have been secure as soon as you pop them into position. Then use the container as a grow box. Alternatively, insert the lights in the holes of a piece of pegboard and attach the pegboard alongside or over your backyard.