How Do I Convert Bunk Beds to Type a Large Bed?

How Do I Convert Bunk Beds to Type a Large Bed?

Some kinds of bunk beds can be disassembled and converted into one mattresses; others maynot, like beds using strong “C” style side frames. When you purchase a bunk bed, it’s a great idea to plan ahead and consider the way your kids might want to sleep in the future. Just keep in mind that bunk beds convert to a really big single bed — maybe too large for a kid’s room but perfect for a guest bedroom.

What to Look For

The type of bunk bed that is most appropriate for conversion to a larger bed is really a wood, twin-over-twin bed that separates in the middle. This type of bed is constructed into two individual pieces and takes 2 people to lift the top bunk onto the bottom bunk. Both beds are held jointly by connector pins embedded to the four corner posts of the bottom bunk. The assembly directions for the bed should have a page that tells how you can disassemble the bed and convert it to 2 separate twin beds. You can then use the two twin beds to make a single king-size bed.

Separating the Beds

If you already own a bunk bed similar to this but no longer have the directions, begin with removing all of the guardrails along with the ladder. Depending on the hardware, then you’ll probably need a screwdriver, an Allen wrench or either. Once the guard rails and ladder are off, find a companion that will assist you lift the top bunk off the bottom bunk. Look at the headboard and footboard of every bed. The end pieces on the top bunk ought to be identical, but smaller than those on the bottom bunk. To make every bed appear the same, just take the footboard off the bottom bunk and the headboard off the top bunk, and switch them. Now every bed ought to have a taller headboard and a lower footboard. Insert floor protectors to the bottom corner posts of the former top bunk bed.

Joining the Beds

A small investment in a double bed connector can assist you in maintaining the beds together without needing any special hardware for those frames. The kit consists of an 8-inch-wide poly sheepskin pad that helps fill in the middle region where the mattresses match. Additionally, it has a 2-inch-wide safety strap that wraps around the sides of the mattresses, threads via a loop in the middle pad and snaps together using a buckle, holding everything securely in place. For additional relaxation, put a king-size mattress topper over the mattresses.

Dress It Up

Finish your brand new bed with the proper bedding. This bed now needs a pair of king-size sheets along with a king-size comforter or bedspread. If you want the frame to have a more grown-up, sophisticated appearance, consider painting it or staining it a deeper shade, like dark brown or black — but do this while you’ve got the mattresses partially disassembled. Put a bench at the foot of the bed to help disguise the individual footboards. Embellish the head of the bed with decorative pillows, and hang a vibrant painting or beautiful tapestry behind the bed to distract from your dual headboard.

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