The best way to Install a Periscope Dryer Vent

The best way to Install a Periscope Dryer Vent

A dryer vent that is periscope allow the dryer sit nearer to to the wall, as well as the sleek steel collects dryer lint that is less when compared to a dryer hose. Typically, you may need a fresh dryer vent as adaptable hose exhausts are usually immediately behind the dryer exhaust exhaust opening through the wall to the exterior. The opening can be cut by you through the wall beside or over the very top of the dryer. Before installing the vent choose the finest place for the exhaust, and be certain there aren’t any wires running through the wall because spot.

Cut the Wall Opening

Place the conclusion of the dryer vent opening that connects to wall from the wall where you are going to cut the opening that is new. Place the template from the wall as opposed to the vent in the event the vent came using a template. If you’re connecting the periscope vent to an existing dryer ventilation exhaust system, you don’t require to mark and cut a fresh exhaust opening through the wall.

Trace template or the wall across the periscope link opening using a pencil.

Drill a hole through the wall just inside the pencil that is traced line using a power drill as well as a drill bit that’s bigger in diameter in relation to the blade of rotary device or a jig-saw. It’s possible for you to drill holes in the pencil line, if preferred, as they may be only entry factors for tool bit or the saw blade to match the wall.

Cut out the dryer vent opening using rotary instrument or a jig saw by slipping the blade or bit into one of the holes and slicing around the outline. Minimize and you’ll need to t-Race another opening instantly behind the opening. The opening that is next cuts throughout the the surface of the residence, finishing the opening.

Go to the the outside aspect of the opening which you cut through the wall. In the event you are using a current exhaust method, you don’t require to install a fresh exhaust.

The cylinder-formed dryer vent exhaust assembly to the opening. Some assemblies are one-piece, having a slope as well as a cylinder -formed cap or a cap connected to one finish. Some need assembly, using a cylinder for a cap as well as the opening that you screw to the wall outside the home and must fit onto the cylinder. Follow the exhaust assembly manufacturer’s directions.

Install the Periscope Vent

Remove the dryer vent hose from the wall and from the rear of the dryer exhaust or exhaust program.

The conclusion of the dryer vent that suits onto the dryer exhaust cylinder, within the steel -formed dryer exhaust opening on the rear of the dryer.

Wrap the the bond where the periscope vent matches onto the dryer exhaust using a steel hose clamp. A hose clamp is a steel band strap that suits round the the bond like a belt. By twisting the nut on the clamp clock-wise using a nut driver that matches the nut on the hose clamp tighten the strap round the the bond.

Extend the periscope vent to make it to the wall exhaust opening. Prolong up the periscope to satisfy the end-of the hose in the event you are using a current exhaust program or exhaust where the aged dryer hose utilized to to match opening.

Fit the opening on the finish of the vent or exhaust opening.

Wrap a hose clamp across the connection involving the wall as well as the vent tighten it using a nut driver, and exhaust.

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