The best way to Supply Water to an Ice-Making Fridge

The best way to Supply Water to an Ice-Making Fridge

The debut of refrigerators with icemakers early 1960s. occurred around the late 1950s and Following the debut of the function that was convenient, refrigerators always been made without icemakers, therefore a waterline to get an ice box wasn’t a common function in new house building, leaving homeowners with no way to to provide water to an ice-making fridge. Universal icemaker installation kits offer you with nearly all you require to to provide water to your own ice maker and can resolve this this problem.

Remove everything from beneath your drain. Remove everything from inside each base cupboard between the refrigerator as well as your sink cupboard.

Measure a length of 8 to 10″ down in the very best of your base cabinets. Mark this length over the dividing partitions inside each cupboard and as near the wall.

Attach a 1/2 inch drill bit to your own power drill. Drill a hole at every marked area inside each cupboard. This lets you thread the water-supply line through each base cupboard from under the the sink and out to your own ice making refrigerator.

Turn the water supply valve clockwise beneath the the drain to shut it and turn the water-supply off. Try turning on the cold-water at your kitchen sink to ensure you’ve got turned off the valve that is right.

Unscrew the two screws in the self-tapping saddle valve, supplied with all the package, sufficient to produce the strap that is bottom in the valve. Position the top strap of the valve contrary to the copper supply line over the supply valve and contrary to the copper tubing running to the supplyline in the supply valve.

You formerly eliminated on the reverse aspect of the copper tubing in the valve. Line up the two screws connected using the holes in the strap to the very best strap. Turn the screws clock-wise to link the strap. Continue to to show the screws before the strap sits on the tubing. Don’t over- injury the tubing and tighten the strap.

Twist the little manage situated on the very top of the selftapping saddle valve clock-wise to pierce the copper tubing. The manage counter-clockwise once the tubing is pierced by you.

Thread the polyethylene tubing, offered with all the package, from under the the drain, through the holes you drilled between the cupboards, also to the ice box. Secure the tubing to the backwall of the cupboards with 1/4 inch ny-lon cable clamps and self-anchoring screws about every 12-inches.

Insert the finish of the tubing to the fitting on along side it of the selftapping saddle valve. Turn the fitting clock-wise using an box -conclusion wrench before the tubing is secured in the fitting.

Slide the fitting that came onto the tubing with your ice box, or use one of the fittings given the ice maker installation package that suits the connector on the trunk of your ice box. Tighten the fitting by means of your wrench on the connector.

Turn on the coldwater provide valve underneath the sink. Check for leaks in the valve that is saddle as well as the again of the ice box. In the event that you visit a leak, change off the offer valve, eliminate the line that is leaky from possibly valve or the fridge and re install.

Plug in your ice box and push it against-the-wall.

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