10 DIY Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

10 DIY Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Having a pool on your property comes with a lot of responsibilities. However, it’s not that hard. Proper pool maintenance is very easy and all you need is a few tips to guide you through. Maintaining your pool has a lot of benefits. The most important of them all is the need to ensure your pool is in the right condition. In addition to this, maintenance helps to preempt future damage and rectify these issues before they become bigger. Although you can use maintenance services for your Sacramento AC repair specialists service, there are other DIY solutions that can be just as effective.

Collect Debris Using Pantyhose

The pantyhose can play a crucial role in filtering out debris. If debris is not collected, it will make its way towards the pool filter. This can lead to very serious damages so take care of it as soon as possible.

Remove Oils Using a Tennis Ball

You must also remove oils from your pool. If you use your pool on a regular basis, the oils will start to accumulate. Just place a tennis ball on the water and it will absorb the oils easily.

Clean Pool Tiles with Baking Soda

The pool tiles need to be cleaned thoroughly. There are many cleaning approaches that you can use but a home-based solution of baking soda paste can do a great job. You can also use the soda paste to increase pH and alkalinity.

Clean Off Your Winter Cover with a Leaf Blower

Your winter cover will probably be very dirty. Most of the time, it is covered with leaves. You can use a leaf blower to clean it.

Use Your Vacuum as a Main Drain

Above ground Redding pools don’t have drains and this makes it very hard to clear the water faster. However, if you have a manual vacuum, you can convert it into a drain and it will work just fine.

Make Your Own Solar Rings to Keep the Pool Warm

In case you are looking for a cheap way to keep your pool warm, you can make your own solar rings at home using ordinary materials.

Get Rid of Linear Stains with pH Decreaser

Linear stains can be stubborn at times but there is a simple solution for them. You can actually use a ph decreasing agent and a sock to get rid of them.

Use Baking Soda to Increase Alkalinity and pH

If you want to increase the pH and alkalinity of the plumbing repair, you can easily use baking soda. Just mix it up with the water and everything will be solved.

Keep the Insects Away

The last thing you want is to have insects falling off in your pool all the time. You can keep them away using simple dryer sheets and lemongrass. It’s a very effective organic solution that will not cost you a lot.

Add D.E. Powder to Your Sand Filter

Sand filters are designed to filter sand from the pool but they will not be effective when dealing with small particles. Include D.E. powder on your sand filter and this will be solved in no time.

These are some of the most important maintenance tips you should keep in mind to maintain your plumbers in good condition and they are all very simple.