8 Great Places for a Second Kitchen Sink

8 Great Places for a Second Kitchen Sink

Don’t underestimate the power of a second sink in your kitchen. When installed in just the right spot, a secondary sink could be equally as helpful as a primary sink. The ideal sink location allows two users to cook and wash concurrently, making regular meals and special occasions easier to prep and clean up afterwards. Whether your kitchen is large or on the other hand, the right additional sink in the right spot might make your life better.

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Island. Most painters set second sinks on kitchen islands, where they are easy to use and access but out of the way of primary prep areas. This sink makes cooking easier with chef two on Christmas and Thanksgiving.

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Workstation. Create an out-of-the-way workstation in the kitchen by adding a niche on your second sink.

The design of the kitchen allows for a second person from the kitchen to get water access whilst staying out of this chef’s way. What a great idea!

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Baking center. If you’re an avid baker, acquiring a baking center with its own sink can help you limit your own mess. This tidy counter area retains the mess contained, and it’s easy to wash the dishes and the countertop after everything’s in the oven.

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Butler’s pantry. A sink instantly updates the performance of a butler’s pantry. Nothing’s simpler than mixing, mixing and stirring right near where ingredients are saved; you are able to prep appetizers and drinks for guests without traveling back and forth into the kitchen.

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Wet bar. For people who like to sponsor, a wet bar can make entertaining easier. A little sink like the one here’s great for adding water to cocktails and performing mild cleanup.

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Peninsula. When you’ve got a peninsula rather than an island, adding a sink may be a great solution for homeowners and guests. This particular sink can be accessed from the back or front for easy use.

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Coffee channel. Is coffee a drink staple in your house? Imagine never having to travel to the main sink to fill out the coffeepot (hey, everything’s hard early in the afternoon). An additional sink from the coffee center would make it possible for you to fill, pour and serve with ease.

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Right next to the primary sink. Your secondary sink doesn’t have to become a smaller version of your primary sink — it may be the same dimensions and even the exact same version. The same as double dishwashers, double ovens translate into a faster cleanup.

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