8 Kitchen Cabinet Color Palettes

8 Kitchen Cabinet Color Palettes

If you like the design of your current kitchen and your cabinets are in great shape, painting them may be a smart thing to do. Another budget-friendly route would be to buy and install new cabinet boxes (or “carcasses,” as I have heard them called fondly) from a retailer like Ikea, then hire a finish carpenter to generate door and drawer fronts you can paint yourself or have painted professionally. With custom-painted fronts, no one will understand your cabinets came from a big-box retailer.

It’s a rather time-consuming process, but the money you save by painting can be placed toward this pricey quartz countertop you’ve been eyeing. We have broken down the steps below and contained images of kitchens with magnificent painted cabinets to inspire one — and 8 examples of colour and substance palettes.

Studio Sarah Willmer Architecture

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

1. Prep. Remove cabinet doors and drawers and give everything a good cleaning with TSP (TriSodium Phosphate), or a TSP choice, to remove any grease or dirt.

2. Patch. Fill in holes, dents or dings with a sandable, paintable wood filler.

3. Sand. Sand all surfaces to be painted with medium-grit sandpaper. Follow up with a good wipedown with a dry cloth to remove all dust.

Livingston Interiors

4. Prime. You are now ready to apply primer. If you’re going to be painting your cabinets a deep, intense colour, then request your paint retailer to add pigment to the primer for much better colour coverage with the last coat.

5. Sand, sand and prime. If you want a super-smooth complete in your cabinets, or to ensure a long-lasting, durable finish, you might want to prime and sand then sand one final time, using fine-grit sandpaper.

6. Clean. Make sure all surfaces to be painted are free of dust and grit.

7. Spray or brush on the paint. If you don’t own a paint sprayer, you can rent one from a house improvement or hardware store.

Be aware that spraying may be a messy business, and you will want to conceal and cover anything inside the room and adjoining regions you don’t want covered with paint. Plastic sheeting to shut other rooms at the home off. Or simply paint using the highest-quality paintbrush you can afford. Utilize an angled brush for regions of detail, like any raised or recessed panels onto your fronts.

Notice: You will want to apply at least 2 coats of paint. Semigloss is the ideal finish to use for cabinets due to its durability and ease of cleaning.

8. Install. Make sure the paint has dried and treated completely prior to attaching the fronts; otherwise they might stick to the boxes and cause the paint to chip off. (Installing vinyl bumpers to the interior of your fronts might help prevent this). Check with your retailer or consult the paint can for quotes on drying and curing times.

Now for the fun part. Install the finished cabinet fronts and door components and admire your work.

Now for some inspirational kitchens, Together with examples of paint and substance palettes:

Loop Design

Inspiration Picture 1

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: Modern does not need to be sterile and cold. Get the look of this airy kitchen with (clockwise from top) Moonraker SW6701 and Snowbound SW7004 (both from Sherwin-Williams), and a carbonized strand woven bamboo floor.

LOTOS Construction

Inspiration Picture 2

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: I look forward to this day I receive a client daring enough to really go for black-painted cabinets! To get a similar sophisticated look, attempt (clockwise from top) Beluga 770F-7 from Behr, with Daltile Veranda ceramic tile in Steel and a Brazilian walnut floor.


Inspiration Picture 3

Jennifer Ott Design

Writer palette: Turquoise remains a favorite colour for interiors. Try (clockwise from top) Reflecting Pool SW6486 and Slow Green SW6456 (both from Sherwin-Williams) with a warm, honey-stained oak floor.

Johnson Berman

Inspiration Picture 4

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: Red stimulates our appetites, so it is a wonderful choice for the kitchen. Coupled with a muted dark green, it’s a modern rustic feel. Get a similar look with (clockwise from top): Poppy 1315 and Turtle Green 2142-20 (both from Benjamin Moore) with reclaimed wood.

NVS Remodeling & Design

Inspiration Picture 5

For individuals seeking a subtler method of injecting colour in the kitchen, look at painting a bold shade on the foundation, island or peninsula cabinets just, and/or painting the side and rear walls of a niche.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: Get the look with (clockwise from top): Crisp Ginger Ale GLY24 from Glidden pairs well with stainless steel finishes and a cherry-stained oak floor.

De Mattei Construction

Inspiration Picture 6

I am taking some liberties with my case palette below, as there is just a tiny little hot pink inside this inspiration picture, but I believe this is such a fun palette. Clearly the important thing is to utilize one of the colours quite sparingly as a decorative accent or through attachments.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: Try (clockwise from top): Autumn Blaze 2002-1A and Pink Burst 1003-1A (both from Valspar), with a carbonized vertical grain bamboo floor.

Frank Valdes

Inspiration Picture 7

Many people are apprehensive about painting their cabinets a colour that’s trendy and popular now, fearing they will grow tired of it and desire another hip look, or maybe something less extreme, at the long term future. That is the beauty of painted cabinets — you can alter the colour down the road without breaking the bank.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: Pear Green 2028-40 and Celadon Green 2028-60 (equally from Benjamin-Moore) would look fabulous with Silestone countertops in Kensho.

Cucina Bella Ltd. – Rebecca Gagne CKD

Inspiration Picture 8

This inspiration kitchen demonstrates a great color suggestion: if you would like to utilize a neutral hue, such as gray or tan, consider using different colors of it. It will provide the room more depth and attention without injecting over-the-top colour, if that’s just not your thing.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: Try Silver Setting DE6359 and Looking Glass DE6376 (both from Dunn Edwards) with a hickory floor in honey spice.

Tell us : Are you painted your kitchen cabinets? Share your experiences and pictures below!

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