Fall for a Water-Wise Fountain

Fall for a Water-Wise Fountain

Water attracts tranquility, balance and motion to an outside space, qualities nearly impossible to replicate with other materials. How can you have the appearance with water conservation in mind? There are a few strategies:
Reduce evaporation by minimizing the outside areaSurround with permeable materialsInclude water foliageReduce, reuse, recycleJust if you think I have just eliminated all of the pleasure a water feature should provide, check out these gorgeous, water-concious fountains.

AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc..

Minimize surface area. Evaporation steals water from your own feature. Minimizing its surface area by choosing a fountain or collapse with a small surface area of water lowers the space for this process to take place.

J’Nell Bryson Landscape Architecture

Regardless of the surface area, evaporation is slower in regions that remain cool. The trees that surround this space are very likely to substantially reduce the evaporation in this charming set of fountains.

Kerry Burt & Associates

Surround with permeable materials. When spray and dab are wanted effects, think about placing foliage at the base of a water feature. The foliage joints in this patio will delight in any overspray that the fountain sends their way. Were the joints made of gravel, the patio surrounding the fountain could still have the benefit of letting overspray to permeate into the ground rather than coming to sleep on a hardscape and evaporating.

Claudio Ortiz Design Group, Inc..

Surround with splash-catching foliage. This design applies the identical strategy, placing foliage in the area most likely to receive splash.

Debora carl landscape design

Reduce splash and overspray. This beautiful fountain’s small evaporative space and splash are appropriate to a desert environment.

Lenkin Design Inc: Landscape and Garden Design

Do not let it bubble away. A bubbling fountain reduces each of splashing and water flows quietly down the sides, sheathlike, to some recirculating basin.

AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc..

Add water foliage. Whereas the foliage in the prior photos increased the sustainability of these fountains, this one seems designed to sustain the backyard bed — a great idea.

AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc..

Reduce, reuse … This charming set of plain water fountains appears to be fed by runoff from a slope. Once captured, of course, the water can be reused.

AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc..

Use regular materials. This classic iron hanger becomes a fantastic reclaimed bit to keep the old-world charm of this fountain while reducing water loss.

Chitra Vishwanath

Recycle. This wise use of a rain string and rain barrel is in fact beautiful enough to be considered a fountain. When not shooting rainwater, the chains effectively evoke the feeling of motion and calm of a water feature.

Do you have a water-wise fountain that you want to share? Or a question about how to save the water used by an existing fountain? Let us know in the Comments! We would love to see your thoughts.

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