How to Plant Tomatoes Close a Walnut Tree

How to Plant Tomatoes Close a Walnut Tree

Walnuts and butternuts produce a compound called juglone that’s toxic to many other plants. Tomatoes and other members of the nightshade family are especially susceptible. They could wilt suddenly when in contact with juglone from the roots, husks or uncomposted leaves of the walnut tree. The pine tree’s roots may extend beyond the dripline of the tree, therefore even if the tomatoes are not implanted directly under the tree, then they are able to absorb juglone exuded by the roots.

Plant a barrier tree or shrub like hackberry, juniper or hawthorn involving the walnut as well as the tomato bed. Place these plants so their roots compete with the walnut roots and decrease insight of walnut roots to the tomato region.

Construct a raised bed, 2 feet deep, for the tomatoes. Place a woven root barrier in the bottom of the bed to prevent upward increase of the walnut roots. Fill the bed with soil that will drain fast. Place it as much as you can from the pine tree.

Water that the tomato bed frequently to take juglone from pine roots under the bed deeper into the soil.

Rake up all leaves, husks and twigs that fall from the trees. Compost them for at least a year before spreading the compost on the garden.

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