Rock Driveway Masonry Thoughts

Rock Driveway Masonry Thoughts

A drive usually serves a practical purpose by giving a spot to park your vehicle, but it could also boost your landscape and match your home’s architecture. If you want a decorative look for your driveway, then a layout that features rock is frequently an perfect option — and since you can integrate stone in your driveway in a number of ways, there’s bound to be a layout which works with the manner of your residence and the present landscape.

Go Patterned

Paving stones or pavers are frequently utilized in drive applications since they give a sound, stable surface. Another advantage to using pavers is that they allow for an assortment of patterns that could present your drive a cosmetic appearance. Natural stone pavers include varieties such as granite, sandstone and bluestone and come in a variety of colors which can help make a pattern stick out. Create a herringbone pattern by placing the stone in different directions to make a “V” shape, or provide your driveway a few old English flair using a basket weave pattern, where the stones have been laid in alternating vertical and horizontal layers. The running bond pattern, where the stones have been laid side by side, is the simplest pattern to lay, lending itself to multi purpose installations. In case you’ve got a circular driveway, then you can also lay your pavers in a circular pattern to highlight the contour.

Create a Border

If you are looking for a budget, using stone for your entire drive might not be an option, but it is possible to dress up a asphalt or concrete drive by producing a stone border to accent it. Cobblestone and flagstone make attractive edge materials to frame an otherwise plain drive, and adding a stone border approximately 1 foot to 2 feet wide can also add walking space to your yard. To help the stone border mix with your drive surface stuff, you can even add decorative stone bands to the drive itself. The bands can run across your drive at regular horizontal periods for a traditional appearance, or you could mix in vertical bands too to make a grid pattern. The stones which you pick for your edge or bands must differ in color from the remainder of the paving stuff in order that they stand out. For instance, if you’ve got a light gray concrete drive surface, use stones in a dark gray, blue or dark color to make a comparison.

Make a Grand Entrance

If you would like to present your drive a strong visual presence on your landscape, a decorative stone entrance can definitely work. For a subtle look, think about paving the commencement of your driveway in a different material than the rest of the surface. For instance, utilize cobblestone to pave the entrance to your driveway and concrete for the remainder of it. In case you’ve got a pastoral landscape, placing oversized boulders on each side of the drive entrance ties it into the environment. For a more polished look, opt for stone columns in your driveway entrance. You can pair the pillars using a metal security gate for safety or a stone fence which runs along your property for a decorative appearance. You can top stone columns using outdoor lights or lanterns.

Keep It Casual

If you prefer a more casual look for your driveway, then it is still possible to use stone — just opt for gravel rather than traditional paving stones. Gravel is among the most budget-friendly stone paving materials for a drive, but it must be set up correctly. The ground Redding beneath your driveway must be compacted properly and quality edging must be utilized to contain the gravel. While steel, plastic and plastic edging can find the job done, look at adding stone or pavers to make the edging more decorative. Gravel driveways need regular maintenance, such as regrading and adding new gravel.