Small Decks Hold Loads of Potential

Small Decks Hold Loads of Potential

It is time to change our idea of how large a deck needs to be. Some have become grand and elaborate which if we can not envision a full outdoor kitchen and large parties on it, we can not imagine it’s worth building. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a large deck, do not let seeing those intimidate you into thinking you can not squeeze into a small one. If you’re working with a limited outdoor area or would prefer to save room for your garden, a pond or other outdoor features, do not give up on including a deck in your layout. See whether any of them can change your perception of how much space you’ll need to include one.

Justine Hand

Even if your deck is just a few feet wide, you’ll have tons of room for a few folding bistro chairs, potted plants and a small dining table.

Frank Shirley Architects

A water view calls out for an outdoor perch. No matter what the size, you’ll enjoy not only the view but also the noises and coastal breezes out of a deck or balcony.

The Taunton Press, Inc

A small deck is the ultimate spot for enjoying coffee, the paper and the opinion.

The Taunton Press, Inc

Rather than stairs that go straight down to a patio or garden, a small deck gives a transitional space between a house’s architecture and the lawn. Leave enough room for an Adirondack chair or 2 so that you can lounge a few feet over the rest of the lawn and revel in the view.

Patricia B. Warren, AIA Warren Architecture, LLC

A small deck not only provides a transition between the architecture and the lawn or patio, but it allows for amphitheater-style chairs.

Koch Architects, Inc.. Joanne Koch

Built-in benches keep a small deck from appearing cluttered while providing plenty of seats for enjoying the outdoors.

Ron Yeo, FAIA Architect

Maintaining the deck small means it’s possible to make the most of the rest of a small yard by including a pond or a water garden.


A deck built for two a few feet over a pond provides a more expansive view.

Rossington Architecture

A troughlike fountain takes advantage of the grade change of this deck-patio hybridvehicle. The height means the water has approximately 18 to 24 inches to collapse and soothe using its own flair. Maintaining the deck small means there is room to give the koi pond under the appropriate scale.

Garden Architecture

If you prefer water you can have a dip in, a small deck leaves room for a hot tub. Maintaining things geometric and simple in materials and style lends a Japanese garden feel.

Glenna Partridge Garden Design

A small deck lends a stronger presence to an outbuilding, making it an important part of a lawn’s design.

Secret Gardens

Allow tropical foliage come right up to your small deck’s edges. Squares composed of deck planks persist the transition from this space to the remaining lush garden.

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