Spring Patio Fix-Ups: Install an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

Spring Patio Fix-Ups: Install an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

More than any outdoor feature I can think about, a fireplace (or fire pit or bowl) immediately makes the yard the location where everybody wants to be. It readily becomes the focus of a space, drawing friends and family together around its warm glow. Whether your ideal vision includes kids roasting marshmallows over a rustic wood fire pit, or relaxing with a glass of wine in the evening before a beautiful gas fireplace, there is sure to be a just-right fire feature for you.

Tired of adding an outdoor fireplace into your yard? Here are 10 important things to think about so you can start transforming your dreams into programs.

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Boost resale value. If you’re thinking about selling your house at a certain point, an outdoor fireplace may be a blessing at selling time. Accented with cozy outdoor living area furniture, it is going to help prospective buyers readily imagine themselves.


A fireplace for every budget. As far as funding goes, be aware that a gas fireplace tends to cost more than the usual one, and the farther from the house you have to run the gas line, the costlier it’s going to probably be.

A custom built-in fireplace will be more expensive than a freestanding version. Customized gas fire pits can be just as costly as fireplaces, however wood-burning fire pits and bowls are available for as little as a few hundred bucks.

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Constructed versus freestanding. Installing an outside fireplace is a big project, however you look at it. Before settling on a plan, think about how you picture yourself using the distance. Can you like an outside area destination, or even a hangout zone just a step away?

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Wood or gas-burning: when to select what. A wood-burning outdoor fireplace has that campfire romance going for it you can not roast hot dogs in a gas fireplace! Additionally, installing a wood-burning fireplace is a simpler (and often less costly) process.

On the other hand, gas stoves are simpler to work with, which is ideal if you’re planning to devote a great deal of time around yours. Additionally, some regions may have environmental restrictions instead of limiting wood burningoff, so make sure you check with your town prior to committing.

Wood fires may have health consequences, also, so think about your neighbors when placing one, or pick a gas fire pit.

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Pick your design: fireplace, fire pit or fire bowl. Built-in fire pits may go modern or traditional, based on the materials, while fire bowls run the gamut from slick and modern to rustic hammered metal. Outdoor fireplaces normally have a more traditional look and are a terrific method to anchor an outside space.

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Consider, but do not be limited by, your home’s architecture. The fire pit revealed here includes a sleek, modern look yet fits in beautifully with the conventional home, as a result of the bluestone in the fire pit surround.

If you’re having trouble visualizing how a certain fireplace would seem with your home, start building a mood board or ideabook together with your favorite fashions. Then have a photo of your house and play around till you discover a pairing you love.

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Insert an element of surprise with a tabletop fire bowl. If none of the typical fireplaces are calling your name, think about something a little different — such as the tabletop fire bowl revealed here. It looks like a most civilized place to perch at with a glass of wine.

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Need flexibility? Try a freestanding fireplace. This mod layout may be used with wood or gas, depending on the setup. It may even be used indoors if correctly connected and ventilated.

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DIY it with a wood-burning fire pit. If you’re looking to save a bit of money — and if a little hard physical labor does not put you off — think about building your very own wood-burning fire pit. Over the course of several weekends, it’s likely to create an easy stacked stone fire pit such as the one shown here.

See how to make this stone fire pit

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Brush up on fire safety. Whether you’re building your own fire pit, or hiring pros to install a custom version, it’s very important that you know how to make your outdoor fireplace secure for everybody. For starters, a floor or floor cover (gravel, gravel) is essential.

Also make sure you maintain a wide area around the pit or fireplace cleared of plantings, fencing as well as the siding of your house — anything which could potentially cause a fire to spread. And make sure you check local fire safety codes before beginning your project.

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