The best way to Choose Name Off House Title After Divorce - No Mortgage

The best way to Choose Name Off House Title After Divorce – No Mortgage

An important part of an average divorce case includes breaking up the assets acquired by the partners during the marriage, in accordance with “The Full Divorce Handbook: A Practical Guide” by Brette McWhorter Sember. Ca is in dividing property, one of approximately 10 states that use a community house common. “Community property” indicates that every partner has the right to fifty per cent of the assets acquired through the length of the union. In case your partner is given possession of a home, through divorce, with no mortgage, you should know the process to get rid of your name in the title to that particular property.

Get a quitclaim deed type. This type is maintained by the register of deeds in the county where the home is found of form that is title.

Complete the deed type. Add your title in the the area indicated “grantor” and your partner’s name in the the area specified “grantee.”

Contain the description of the house in the the area on the type reserve for this particular function. The description is taken by you off the existing title to the house, which will be accessible through the register of titles.

Sign the quitclaim deed before a notary public.

The quitclaim deed in the register of deeds office. Pay the filing fee that is necessary. The fee is different from county

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