The best way to Prune Verbena Shrubs Which Are Too Tall

The best way to Prune Verbena Shrubs Which Are Too Tall

For beds and borders requiring a low, spreading shrub, look no further than verbena. Verbena (Verbena tenuisecta) grows as a small shrub that usually reaches no more than 2-feet high but can protect an area up to 5 feet wide. The tender perennial creates lavender flowers & Lawn Service that are tiny and sensitive ever-green foliage. It can not endure frost, therefore is only handled as a perennial in the Environment Zones of Sunset 1-2 through 28. Although brief, taller, leggy development that necessitates Tree Removal can be produced by the plant Salt Lake City.

Cut back the Stump Removal in early spring as new growth resumes. Remove weak branches by cutting them off, most of the leggy Remove only one-third of the width or height of the verbena.

Remove up to one fourth of the size in mid-summer of each branch as blooming completes. In the event the extra size and flowers are removed in the plant when flowering slows verbena should flower for all the summer.

As it enters a period of semidormancy trim the plant in drop. Verbena leaves stay green but flowering stops in the onset of dormancy. Cut back spent flower stems and any tall, leggy stems using the shears. Remove damaged or dead leaves and branches.

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