The way to Create a Centerpiece Using Tea Lights in Water

The way to Create a Centerpiece Using Tea Lights in Water

With a big, round, oval or rectangle glass container with sides no bigger than 3 inches, you may create an impressive and romantic scent in just a matter of minutes. You will need tea light candles and aromatic flowers to float amidst the tea. Any tea light candle will work, as they are flat enough to float on the surface of the water.

Floating Tea Lights

Prepare the table in which you want the centerpiece, as once you make your centerpiece, it’s difficult to move. Put a runner down the center span of this table or use a tablecloth.

Set the glass container at the center of the table, or wherever you desire your centerpiece to be.

Fill the pitcher with water. Transfer the water from the pitcher into the glass container.

Remove the tea lights from their packaging. If an individual candle has a plastic holder around it, remove this as well.

Arrange the candles at the water. Cut flower flowers and lay them at the water to float around the candles.

Light the person masks using the candle lighter or a fireplace matchstick.

Add greenery or baby’s breath around the exterior of the glass container for a final touch.

Cylindrical Centerpieces

Add 2 to 3 inches of pebbles into the underside of three tall glass cylinders, ideally of different heights.

Set a blossom into the seams to keep it in place when you add water. Catch a long enough stem to squeeze between the seams. You can also weigh down a piece of floral foam, held in place by the seams to stick the flower stem into.

Fill the cylinders with water 3 inches below the rim of the glass container.

Float a single tea light in each cylinder, then light them, and set the cylinders set up to your floating tea light centerpiece.

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