The Way to Eliminate Wood Tiles Out Of Concrete Floors

The Way to Eliminate Wood Tiles Out Of Concrete Floors

Updating and renovating a real estate investment is a worthwhile venture, but it may require some work that is tough. You may need to eliminate wood tiles out of concrete floors to update floors. Eliminating glues or adhesives is done removing residue that was leftover and by separating wood tiles. By dislodging it from the surface that is nailed if the wood tiles were nailed to a plywood subfloor, you should get rid of each tile.

Glued Down Wood Tiles

Look carefully at the wood tile floors to find out whether any separate or of the tiles lift from the ground. Wear knee pads and safety glasses and pull as many tiles out of the adhesive as you can. Don’t worry whether the tile breaks or cracks. Put a chisel under a single piece of wood tile’s edge. Hammer the back of the chisel separating the tile. For difficult tiles, place the chisel under each side of the tile, hammering it until the edges all are all free. Eliminate all flooring tiles, leaving adhesive residue on the concrete flooring.

Apply adhesive solvent to the concrete flooring in 2- or 3-foot sections. Wear gloves and ensure that the area is well ventilated. Follow the directions on the allowing time for it to permeate the adhesive. Concrete floor is durable, hence the surface won’t be harmed by the solvents. Use a chisel or scraper to peel and eliminate leftover adhesive.

Mix mild detergent with warm water. Wash or mop the entire surface with water to remove residue that is sticky and leftover paste solvent. Scrub the floor and allow the surface to dry before installing new floors.

Nailed Wood Tiles

Study the floors if claws hold every wood tile in place to find out. Lift any wood tiles from the ground. Wear protective gloves to avoid getting splinters. Wood tiles aren’t nailed to concrete, but they may be nailed.

Use a crowbar to lift and separate every wood tile from the plywood subfloor. For hard tiles which don’t allow enough space for your crowbar, place a chisel under the tile’s edge and hammer on the chisel. This allow enough space to use the crowbar and will raise the tile. Eliminate each individual tile until just the plywood remains.

Eliminate, by lifting it typically put in bits. Pick up all nails and hardware used to ensure the wood tiles. If the plywood is glued to the ground, use the crowbar and adhere to the removal instructions.

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