Crazy Cool Shelves

Crazy Cool Shelves

I’ve been designing a few special custom shelving for a client building a new modern house in Venice Beach, California. He is really pushing the limits of the expected criteria in notebook, and I like this. In working together with him on developing and refining the designs, I have been browzing the archives and have discovered some really uplifting projects.

Stacie Velten

Plank shelves are really simple yet very efficient spacewise, especially in a tight workplace which can double as a guest room. The minimum hardware supporting these offers them the look of floating shelves.

1 2 S T U D I O . C O M

This wall unit has a midcentury modern feel, especially when paired with the furniture shown. There’s loads of desk and storage space, but the device feels mild and untethered because the shelves aren’t overburdened, and even white wall displays through.

Abelow Sherman Architects LLC

This combo of wall-to-wall shelving and also a desk makes for an appealing and effective use of wall space. The pinboard element behind the shelves is conducive to brainstorming.

Chr DAUER Architects

This white of this desk and wall mounted unit lets it blend into the walls. The irregular heights of the shelves and also of the closed storage keeps the eye moving, and the overall layout is energized.

450 Architects, Inc..

This office space leans toward a commercial aesthetic, with chunky industrial-style wood shelves and vulnerable mounting hardware. Some of those floating shelves are on an angle for display of more picture components such as magazines and small artwork. This would also be useful in a studio or even as a store display.

I really like this idea for a partly built in, partly floating minilibrary shelving unit at the dining area. It is wondrous to see that lots of publications where I would expect to see fine china.

Sharon Portnoy Design

Staggered shelf heights is a fun approach to creating the library less severe and more approachable. A tendency in shelving is utilizing construction-grade plywood, double layered, with a pure finish.

Elad Gonen

Here is another staggered example, but the slim vertical parts do not really allow for book storage. The device becomes the showpiece in this bedroom.

Today we’re cooking. Here is the type of creative, modular and modern design I was searching for.

David Yum Architects

This smaller yet refined shelving unit would work well in a metropolitan entryway or as a space divider.

The Brick House

This fashion of pipe unit has caught on like wildfire in the design sites. Originally conceived by Commune for its Ace Hotel Palm Springs lobby, it’s motivated many design-savvy DIYers to build their own versions from pipes and timber planks.

Natalie Myers

And now to show you what’s on the boards for the Venice beach house: From the kitchen, a long expanse of open shelving is set upon subway tile. There are barely any upper cabinets in this massive kitchen. Simply flashed wood shelves which are 3, 4 and 5 ft long above the cabinets.

Natalie Myers

From the den, a wall-to-wall shelf unit with closed storage encircles a flat-screen TV and the present window. The client insisted to keep things interesting.

Natalie Myers

From the master bedroom, a wall-to-wall shelf unit will have randomly sized openings. This layout comprises shelves, a window, a desk and closed storage boxes which encase a wellness TV. As if that doesn’t sound complex enough, the frame will be made of a welded steel open grid. A bit crazy, a bit cool, huh?

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